Renee Burning BeachBalls

Starring Renee

Featuring Balloons, Beachballs/Pooltoyz, Cigarette Popping, Destruction, and Inflatables

In multiple scenes, Renee burns beachballs using her lit cigarettes. While filming a commercial, she gets tired of waiting on the director and burns holes in the props. She's spending some "down time" in the pool but keeps getting hit by wayward inflatables from the kids - she gets pissed and finally burns them so that they will leave her alone. She gets angry with her boyfriend and burns his beachball when he won't return to the motel room. Includes a scene where she burns holes in mylar balloons that she's providing for a party. Renee has no mercy on the inflatables when it comes to the lit end of her cigarette.

"Renee Burning BeachBalls" - 45 minutes

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