Floating in Life Vests Vol. 2

Starring Alyssa, and Renee

Featuring Inflatables, and Life Vests

Renee and Alyssa are relaxing by the pool when Renee decides to float in one of her inflatable boats. Before long, she realizes that the boat has a leak and she's sinking! She panics and Alyssa comes to her rescue. Donning a CO2 inflatable life vest, she jumps into the pool - pulling the cord to inflate her vest before rescuing Renee. Renee is also wearing a CO2 inflatable vest. They continue to enjoy the beautiful day - floating around the pool in the yellow vests. In the second scene, Alyssa and Renee try on a few different life vests while floating.

"Floating in Life Vests Vol. 2" - 35 minutes

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