Flip Flops & Inflatables

Starring Veronika

Featuring Beachballs/Pooltoyz, Bouncing, Inflatables, Inflation, Masturbation, Nudity, Riding, and Sexual Content

Veronika shares her inflatables and her favorite pair of flip-flops in this video. She's wearing a sexy bikini while frolicking on the air mattress and beachballs of various sizes. Contains minimal inflation to reinflate after bouncing/riding the beachballs. No destruction. Veronika gets turned from the friction of the latex - she rubs some baby oil on herself before masturbating to orgasm while lounging on the air mattress. After she regroups, she bounces and rides on her beachballs.

"Flip Flops & Inflatables" - 30 minutes

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