Balloon Party Two

Starring Angel, and Renee

Featuring 2 Girls or More, Balloons, Blow-to-Pop, Cigarette Popping, Fingernail Popping, Foot Popping, Inflatables, Inflation, Masturbation, Nudity, Sexual Content, and Sit-to-Pop

Angel and Renee have a big job ahead of them. They have to get ready for the big party - they have a bunch of balloons need to be inflated before the guests start arriving. They get a little side-tracked as they go - having inflation contests, watching each other inflate the balloons really tight - necks bulging -just having a good time. Some accidental pops make them leap out of their seats! As they realize the task at hand, they decide to have a drink - but getting a little tipsy doesn't help the schedule. They end up laughing and inflating and almost have all of the balloons ready when they say "screw the party!" They decide they'll have more fun popping all the balloons on their own - and they do just that. Sit-popping, stepping on them with their stockinged feet and heels and using their fingernails. The heat of the moment overcomes the girls and they use the remaining balloons to get each other off - rubbing the balloons until they orgasm.

"Balloon Party Two" - 80 minutes

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