Diaper Regression - 3 Girl

Starring Alexis, Gloria, and Megan

Featuring 2 Girls or More, Clothing, Diapers, Hypnosis, Mind Control, and Nudity

Megan and Gloria are having a birthday party for their friend Alexis. The baker gave them a secret ingredient to add to their cake which is supposed to "revitalize the mind and body". They pour the whole bottle into the cake mix and bake it. Alexis arrives for her party and the girls start to party. The cake is brought out and they all enjoy it especially the birthday girl who says she feels "energized". We find her regressed into a toddler wearing a diaper. The friends are astonished and can't believe what has happened. They find out that you should not drink alcohol with the "special ingredient" they added to the cake. Unfortunately the effects of the special ingredient start to hit them as well and they all end up as toddlers. They eventually find the cake and eat more and get sleepy. When they wake up, they are dressed in their original outfits but have cake on their faces and are a bit confused over what happened.

"Diaper Regression - 3 Girl" - 29 minutes

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